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is a Virtual Reality musical experience about ocean-based solutions to the climate crisis. Made in partnership with Oceanic Global and Zero Hour, Mary John created this VR experience & mobile app with support from co-director, Sigin Ojulu, SIMA Studios, Dot Dot Studios and more! The project was completed in 2021 and has exhibited during UN World Ocean's Day, at Pioneer Works’ 2nd Sundays, and is screening in schools thanks to Tech Row and Sima Classrooms.


"Confirmation" was made as part of Justin Bieber's Changes The Movement video series. Produced by OBB and Def Jam it features dancer/choreographers Keone & Mari Madrid and was filmed in Central Park in early 2020. Mary John directed the music video and it was shot by Taylor Scott Manson with wardrobe by Sarah Williams and hair and makeup by Danielle Waugh.


This 3 1/2 minute musical film informs viewers about the Global Gag Rule (aka Mexico City Policy) and calls for real, legislative change that can end the harmful policy. Congress reintroduced the Global HER Act in June of 2021, a bill that could end this policy, and we can help pass it by calling our reps today in support of the Global HER Act. This project was made in collaboration with organizations including PAI, CHANGE, and The National Women’s Law Center. Please visit for more.


This solution oriented musical VR experience focuses on cyberbullying and encourages teens to be "up standers" when faced with bullying. It was written, directed, & choreographed by Mary John and supported by the Harmony Institute, Google, Sensorium, Almanack Screenwriters, and The Institute of Play. The piece will be living in schools in 2018 as part of a larger anti-bullying curriculum and was part of the Harmony Institute's VR Action Lab.


This Busby Berkeley inspired spot for Disney and fantastic photographer, Gray Malin, was choreographed by Mary John. The project was released on National Polka Dot Day to celebrate Minnie Mouse's iconic polka dot dress. The project ran on Disney's social media channels, "Good Morning America," The LA Times, Refinery 29 and more.


Mary John choreographed this music video for singer, Thao And The Get Down Stay Down, and director, Jonny Look. The project premiered at the Hammer Museum's Flux Series in February 2017 and on NPR. Thao's song was created for survivors of sexual violence and Thao dances wildly through the aisles of an abandoned store reclaiming her body, strength, and voice. Please take a listen to this powerful song and check out Thao's moves.


Mary John directed and choreographed this spec commercial. It was nominated for Best Test Commercial by the Young Director's Award during Cannes Lions in June 2016. The spec stars talented dancers Catherine Kirk, and Liz Dunn and was shot in New York at Gibney Dance.


A playful musical PSA about our distracting and addictive devices. Folks in NYC are biking and texting, reading e-mails while walking up flights of stairs, and checking Instagram while crossing the street. This mini-musical video encourages viewers to put their phones down and consider how technology is benefiting or distracting us from our lives.


Mary John directed this short starring New York City Ballet Principal Dancer, Adrian Danchig-Waring. Here he walks us through Balanchine's "Four Temperaments" and the Black & White Ballets.

Accept Who I Am - Music Video

This music video features singer/rapper Butterscotch and her song “Accept Who I Am.” The song promotes love, tolerance, and self acceptance and reminds viewers to be courageous and keep moving forward! The video was shot in LA and Joshua Tree National Park and features Los Angeles-based dancers Raymond Ejiofor, Haylee Nichele, Brance William Souza, Micaela DePauli, and William Clayton. The piece premiered on Refinery 29 and also lives on Afropunk and Nowness.


Mary John directed this behind-the-scenes short for New York City Ballet. Go back stage and into the studio with corps de ballet dancer, Gretchen Smith, as she discusses her experience dancing Christopher Wheeldon's ballet, DGV. The content is one in a series featuring 21st Century Choreographers including Jerome Robbins and George Balanchine. More work with NYCB coming soon!


Take a peek at the trailer for this short film that premiered at Lincoln Center in the Dance on Camera Festival in 2017. Written, choreographed, and directed by Mary John, the film is an homage to silent films and follows a couple on their first date through body language, subtitles, and physical comedy. It stars Navarra Novy-Williams, Vinson Fraley Jr. and Nick Katen and is dedicated to Mary John's grandmother and namesake.

Future of StoryTelling

National Geographic’s mission is to help us connect with the world around us. CMO, Jill Cress discusses how National Geographic finds unique opportunities to co-create with their audiences and more in this short film for Future of Storytelling directed by Mary John. Click HERE to see the names of the talented photographers work featured in the video, courtesy of National Geographic. Special thanks to Nadia Tahoun, Nancy Ostertag, and editor, Laurel Metzler.

Contemporary Swing

Mary John choreographed and directed this short and playful dance film that explores contemporary movement in a traditional space. The film takes the familiar and pushes it to a new level creating a refreshing and clever display of dance and visual art. Inspired by artist Paolo Salvagione, Mary John created the short in addition to a commercial spec for her favorite brand of shoes, Converse, and it was featured by the Young Directors Award and 1.4.

Stripe Tease (for WHIT)

Mary John directed and choreographed this peppy and patriotic short for Whitney Pozegay's line, WHIT. The short stars Pilobolus dancer, Sayer Mansfield and is Inspired by Pilobolus' "Skyscrapers", Celia Rowlson-Hall fashion films, and Wes Anderson whistles and movie magic. Stellar cinematography by Shane Sigler with music by Byron J. Wu.


This Von Trapp, zombie parody was shot in Salzburg, Austria in many of the original SOUND OF MUSIC locations. Mary John directed and choreographed this short with dancers from Salzburg's Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and SensoReye productions. The short was made for the web and she hopes that SOUND OF MUSIC lovers will appreciate and notice some of the subtle and not-so-subtle moments from the film.

100 years of manicures - ALLURE

Mary John directed this along with a series of beauty videos for Condé Nast's In the video we follow various styles of manicures through the decades!

The Wandering Eye

Mary John made this video for fun with her 7D on a road trip from Austin to Houston. It was inspired by this Kenzo dress and a dating experience with a man with a very obvious wandering eye.