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Mary John choreographed this Busby Berkeley inspired spot for Disney and fantastic photographer, Gray Malin. The project was released on National Polka Dot Day to celebrate Minnie Mouse's polka dot style. This cute project ran on Disney's social media channels, "Good Morning America," The LA Times, Refinery 29 and more!

Accept Who I Am - Music Video

Mary John directed this music video for singer/rapper, Butterscotch. The song promotes love, tolerance, and self acceptance and reminds viewers to be courageous and to keep moving! The video was shot in LA and Joshua Tree National Park and features Los Angeles-based dancers Raymond Ejiofor, Haylee Nichele, Brance William Souza, Micaela DePauli, and William Clayton. It was produced by Daniel Arsham's Film The Future, Butterscotch, MJ, and Courtney Andrialis.


Mary John choreographed this music video for Thao's raw and explosive song, "Meticulous Bird." The project was directed by, Jonny Look, and premiered as part of the Hammer Museum's Flux Series in February 2017. Thao's song was created for survivors of sexual violence and reminds listeners to tap into their own ferociousness. Please take a listen to these powerful lyrics and check out Thao's moves!


Mary John directed and choreographed this spec commercial. It was nominated for Best Test Commercial by the Young Director's Award during Cannes Lions in June 2016. The spec stars talented dancers Chihiro Shimizu, Catherine Kirk, and Lizz Dunn and was shot in New York at Gibney Dance.

New York City Ballet

Mary John directed this short video starring Robert Fairchild. Here he discusses Jerome Robbin's Opus 19/The Dreamer, Sergei Prokofiev's dreamlike score, and what it is like to dance the lead role in this dreamy ballet.

Contemporary Swing

Mary John choreographed and directed this short and playful dance film that explores contemporary movement in a traditional space. The film takes the familiar and pushes it to a new level creating a refreshing and clever display of dance and visual art. Inspired by artist Paolo Salvagione, Mary John created the short in addition to a commercial spec for her favorite brand of shoes, Converse.

Stripe Tease (for WHIT)

Mary John directed and choreographed this peppy and patriotic short for Whitney Pozegay's line, WHIT. The short stars Pilobolus dancer, Sayer Mansfield and is Inspired by Pilobolus' "Skyscrapers", Celia Rowlson-Hall fashion films, and Wes Anderson whistles and movie magic. Stellar cinematography by Shane Sigler with music by Byron J. Wu. Clothes can be viewed and purchased at


Mary John directed this short starring New York City Ballet Principal Dancer, Adrian Danchig-Waring. Here he walks us through Balanchine's "Four Temperaments" and the Black & White Ballets.


Directed by Mary John, this mysterious and twisted film takes Shannon Gillen's staged piece, ARLINGTON, and places it in remote & rustic locations. Here, the camera explores Gillen's choreography from different angles with varying degrees of light. The beautiful cinematography is by Damian Horan. Take a peek at the trailer and enjoy! This piece was made in collaboration with and support by the Tisch School of the Arts and has screened at festivals in the U.S. and Europe.


Mary John's DEBUTAUNT was featured in and is part of a larger immersive dance-based work that has been presented in Brooklyn and Manhattan. This film along with several others are part of a series of projected shorts that play throughout the show. DEBUTAUNT explores southern debutante culture, gender stereotypes, and the notion of coming of age or arrival.


In collaboration with Buffalo Picture House, Mary John choreographed this funky dance ad for Bonnaroo's upcoming music festival. Are you Bonnaroo's funkiest dancer? Regardless of your dancing abilities, check out this promo and enjoy the funk!


Mary John directed this behind-the-scenes short for New York City Ballet. Go back stage and into the studio with corps de ballet dancer, Gretchen Smith, as she discusses her experience dancing Christopher Wheeldon's ballet, DGV. The content is one in a series featuring 21st Century Choreographers including Jerome Robbins and George Balanchine. More work with NYCB coming soon!


This Von Trapp, zombie parody was shot in Salzburg, Austria in many of the original SOUND OF MUSIC locations. Mary John directed and choreographed this short with dancers from Salzburg's Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and SensoReye productions. The short was made for the web and she hopes that SOUND OF MUSIC lovers will appreciate and notice some of the subtle and not-so-subtle moments from the film.

100 years of manicures - ALLURE

Mary John directed this along with a series of beauty videos for Condé Nast's In the video we follow various styles of manicures through the decades!

The Wandering Eye

Mary John made this video for fun with her 7D on a road trip from Austin to Houston. It was inspired by this Kenzo dress and a dating experience with a man with a very obvious wandering eye.


After receiving Panavision's New Filmmaker Grant, Mary John directed, choreographed, and wrote this short film exploring dance through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl who is physically impaired. The film was inspired by dancer and teacher, Irina Hamilton, who used to ask her students, "What would it look like if Einstein could dance? What if his intellect and thoughts could be translated into movement?" Abby, the protagonist, asks this question and envisions Einstein and other characters from her history books dancing.


2014's Polar Vortex was the inspiration for this short film project shot, directed, edited, costumed, and choreographed by Mary John. Spring's delay encourages the fantastic flock to create their own warmth and beat the winter blues. Mary John made this with some talented dancers from Tisch School of The Arts while attending SILO artist residency in snowy Pennsylvania.